NewsFans can celebrate the championship game of Manchester derby.

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Fans can celebrate the championship game of Manchester derby.

Ungelesener Beitragvon soksophoan » Mo Feb 12, 2018 6:05 am

The results of the race last week resulted in "The Blues" Manchester City move closer to the championship to step forward when the points away from Manchester. United are 16 points, while the remaining 11 shots.
If the "blue ball" continues to win in the next six games, they will win immediately because of the score (90 points). With six games to come, City have won the league, Chelsea (Chelsea), Stoke City (Brighton), Brighton (Everton), Everton United (l)If the sailors have won all 6 games to celebrate the championship is to open the Hittite stadium to Manchester United visit on Saturday, April 7.However, the schedule is celebrated in the home of the Blues. If they qualify for the FA Cup quarter-final, they will face Wigan in the fifth round. Schedule of the round will be held on Saturday 17 or Sunday, March 18, the Premier League game with Brighton placed to postpone.wwwpic5678

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Re: Fans can celebrate the championship game of Manchester derby.

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