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5 reasons why Liverpool striker Porto 5

Ungelesener Beitragvon soksophoan » Sa Feb 17, 2018 8:11 am

Liverpool to win in UEFA Champions League Round the knockout with Porto to 5-0, the next few hundred percent chance. The question is in the Champions League game. It is not easy to shoot 4-5 balls, then the Reds do anything or Porto to miss. The game is ruined. Before the game, the rain began to fall to the ground continuously, making the field and the ball is slippery. Sabadine's shot up the lead 1-0, he did not shoot well. But with the ball is slippery. It made it clear from the envelope of the door to the door of the door to the door. It makes Porto View Profile And last but not least, I was shot.I want to shoot fast. Porto to Raise Full Let's take a high floe. Especially the left back. Fill up Sometimes I do not like Liverpool. In the encounter with the team. But if the team at the front of the fight, they like it because they will react quickly to see the door 3-0, caused by too high a float, the red field back to take only 12 seconds from the penalty area itself, it finished the score. If the english The team that will have a point from Liverpool is a tight pack. The team that opened most of the exchange will not survive.sbo666

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