NewsCarlos Garcajal, the man behind Swansea's new age.

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Carlos Garcajal, the man behind Swansea's new age.

Ungelesener Beitragvon soksophoan » Mi Feb 28, 2018 8:45 am

Swansea City have done their best to qualify for the 8th team. Can not deny that the "white swans" under the control of Garlic Garlic look better clearly. The team did not lose 10 games to make this consultant is not normal. Why did he change this team? We have the answer ...First of all we know the Portuguese coach before this. He is a nominee for the 16 teams from four countries, including Besiktas, Sporting Lisbon and Braga as his home team and team. Ever The success of this will lead the team from the Le filter to the main league. After he was disbanded from Besiktas because of problems with the players in the team. He started to work in the UK in 2015 with Sheffield Wednesday team from the Championship. The team finished 6th place to play the playoff. But he lost to the finals. The following season, he led the team to finish fourth, but had to break the second in the playoff. Until this season, he had to leave the team before the new year, because of the team fell into the end zone, but only four days later, he was in charge of the Swansea team instead of Paul Clement. With the goal to escape the floor.sbo666

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