NewsFA Cup full time Man City half a year after the game Wigan.

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FA Cup full time Man City half a year after the game Wigan.

Ungelesener Beitragvon soksophoan » Sa Mär 03, 2018 4:32 am

Manchester City have paid £ 50,000 for a penalty after admitting their charges. The City Club In case they can not control their players in the match, defeated Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup last mid-February.The statement confirms that Manchester City have paid Manchester United for £ 50m (€ 2.25m) in case they can not control their own players. The game lost to Wigan Athletic 0-1 in the FA Cup Round 5. For such a chaotic situation in the first half of the game, the FA had a red card and then the players. "The Blues" can not control their emotions and lead to chaos. In addition, consultant Pep Guardiola also has problems with Paul Cook, "The Latics" inside the tunnel halftime. City decided to accept the accusations of the elite club. And consequently, they were ordered to adjust the amount of half a thousand pounds. The FA's statement said: "Manchester City were ordered to raise £ 50,000 after accepting allegations of failure to control their players. This event occurred in the FA Cup game against Wigan Athletic last month. "wwwpic5678

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