NewsEven as an opponent! The reason behind the gun.

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Even as an opponent! The reason behind the gun.

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Even as an opponent! The reason behind the gun.


maxbetFrench striker reveals his decision to move fleets
from the cannon to play with Singles Blue.
Olivier Giroud, Chelsea's red striker, has revealed he has
decided to move from Arsenal to Stamford Bridge
because of his talk with Antonio Conte. maxbet
The Frenchman has just slipped into the Blues onฟ the final day
of the January market for £ 18million, after a six-year deal with the Gunners.
"The most important thing is to talk to Antonio Conte,
I feel he really wants me. He wants to work with me. " maxbet
"I want to sign with Chelsea. I want to play more. I want to stay
in the Premier League. Chelsea is perfect for me. I'm still in London. "
"But the first reason is the challenge. That's
what I always care about. Here are all the things that make me happy. "

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